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Do you love to sing?

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn, to have fun, to be part of an extended family, to contribute to your community….but feeling a bit hesitant? Self-conscious?

Join a Choir!

If you join a choir you are one of many. You are not put on the spot or asked to sing solo (unless you want to!) You can spend many happy months or years singing with others and slowly learning to feel your way around your own voice.

You will feel supported while you increase your voice range, learn the choir’s songs and develop better breath control. You are not the only one singing your part, nor are you the only one lacking in experience or confidence!

You can be playful in the warmups and discover more about how your voice works, how it feels, and how it connects with your breath and body.

By singing a variety of songs, you will slowly start to pick up some musical jargon (minor and major, scale, interval, legato, 4/4). They might not mean much to start with, and it’s not necessary to know this stuff, but by experiencing the music, and then connecting it with some of these new terms, it will slowly begin to make sense and add to your musical vocabulary.

Interested? New to Kerikeri? Want to give singing in a choir a try? Bella a Cappella welcomes women of all ages who love to sing.


Thursday Nights 6.30 – 9.00pm

Masonic Lodge Hall in Kerikeri


Just drop in!


Or contact Gaye on 021 0233 8126 or email

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Bella a Cappella will be held
at the Masonic Lodge, Kerikeri on Thursday 4 th July 2024 at 8 pm.

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